About me

I’ve been a full-time Wedding Photographer for 6yrs now, though I picked up my first camera over 25years ago. When I was a kid my Grandad used to have skydiving mags filled with the most amazingly colourful photos of skydivers lying around his house. Poring through these magazines, with wide eyes, I’d imagine the lives of the men who took these photo’s. Photography seemed like a mystical un-learnable black art to me then.

               As a teenager I had a windup 35mm film camera and I would take pics of everything, dogs on the street, myself, people walking around, trees or anything at all. Then in my 20’s I started doing photography courses and workshops and went on to study 2 photography degrees. I’d known for years that photography was what I wanted to do but wasn’t brave enough to make the leap, then in 2007 I started to get offered photography work, I made the switch in 2008, had a full calendar by 2009 and have never looked back. I never did get to take photo’s of skydivers, my fear of heights may put that on the back burner for a while but I will overcome that fear and get there some day!

               I grew up in Edenderry in Offaly, but left there many years ago to travel around, finally settling back into Rathangan in Kildare, and now Portarlington in Laois, I’ll always be that biffo at heart though;) When I’m not working I love Mountain Biking, Camping, Fishing, Hill-Walking, Sight-Seeing, Working-Out, Reading, Classic Literature, Watching movies and watching my team Man Utd. I volunteer when I can with the local Foroige group, I find it hugely rewarding and sometimes I think I learn more from the kids there than they learn from me.

               A lot of my clients want beautiful wedding images without spending hours in front of the camera or hours away from their wedding guests, I provide those images with the minimum of fuss while keeping my clients relaxed. My clients always say that I am professional, a calming influence, super patient, easy to work with, creative, friendly and warm. These are traits from my own personality which I bring into my work, If you’d asked me years ago if I thought these traits would have been important in Photography, I’d have said no and thought they would be more useful to a Librarian.

               In 2011 I won photographer of the year, which was a huge moment for me, I was nominated by my past brides so I didn’t even know I was in the running, which was nice too:) I’m passionate about improving my Photography skills, I like to continually drive forward, learning new techniques and integrating those techniques into my work life to give my clients increasingly dynamic images. I can be tough to work with, I expect perfection and utter professionalism from everyone I work with. If I wasn’t a professional photographer I would still spend as much time as I could taking photographs. Everywhere I look I see photos waiting to be taken, I feel as though photography enables me to look at the world differently.